Changing My Wardrobe - Deb Hanrahan Changing My Wardrobe by Deb Hanrahan

This is Deb Hanrahan first novel, I enjoyed her writing, and the plot was great, loved the characters and never once put the book down. This is a tragic story and one I would say ever high school youth should read. Deb Hanrahan has written a story of a young woman who just wanted to fit in and make her high school years better then what she dealt with in middle school.

We meet Lindsey who is a smart young woman, who maybe in middle school didn’t have the best fashion sense but received good grades. Teeny her best friend who has always been there for no matter what she wore. The first day of high school is the next day and Lindsey wants to make a fresh start. Teeny is right there to help her. Lindsey meets Marco on the first day of school and he is cute and seems to like Lindsey. Then we get to meet Avery the one who tormented Lindsey all through middle school and to make matters worse Avery has a boyfriend named Cal who is just as mean .......

Put all these great character’s together and you end up with a fantastic read. This story makes you feel and remember what high school was like good and bad.

Deb Hanrahan has written a terrific/realistic novel and the ending shocked me to my core.

I have to give Changing My Wardrobe 4 stars; the writing was great, the issue of bullying is so important, All Young Adults and parents should read this novel to remember and to keep your eyes open.

Fantastic Read!