Chasing McCree - J.C. Isabella This is the first book I've read by J.C. Isabella I really enjoyed her writing, clear and concise and easy to read. The plot and character descriptions were written extremely well and as I said I really enjoyed her writing.

We are introduced to Briar Thompson, who comes from a well off family, has everything she wants and needs. One night at a party her drink is spiked and she wonders off...well chased off. She ends up bumping into a young man named Chase. Chase is a real cowboy, growing up in Montana he has recently just moved to the city to live with his mom.

Briar and Chase become friends and Briar realizes she is not that happy..her parents are not interested in her life, her friends are a bit superficial. The only one who keeps her sane is her grandmother. Who you will love while reading this book.

Briar decides to take a risk and heads to Montana with Chase for the summer. This is a light fun romance novel for young adults probably more geared to high school youths. But saying that it is a cute romantic novel.

I have rated Chasing McCree 4 stars and I enjoyed J.C. Isabella writing and the story was cute.