I've Got You Covered - Toni Sinns This is the first novel I've read by Toni Sinns, her writing is good, story flowed well, character development was good and the story held my interest. It had some mystery/suspence and of course romance.

This is a story of a young woman named Anistasia who lives with her brother and is attending high school. We first see her you can clearly tell Anistasia is not a happy person and you see she has many secrets. We meet John who of course it looks like he has the bad boy status all wrapped up. John and Anistasia form a friendship, the both love fast cars and racing them.

As things begin to unfold in this story we see there is things going on behind the scene's. Anistasia and her brother are hiding from someone. John is holding back some family secrets.

Together these two learn to trust each other and work at trying to keep each other safe and out of trouble.

I enjoyed this story, Toni Sinns seems to have written a good book. I definetly will read her next book.