Stone Heart - Sui Lynn Title: Stone Heart
Author: Sui Lynn
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Reviewed by: Tana
Genre: m/m fantasy/paranormal
ISBN 13: 9781920502539
Rating: 3.5. Hearts

Sui Lynn has written an m/m fantasy fantasy/paranormal novel, Sui writing is good and the story kept me interested as I really wanted to see what was going to happen at the end. It is well written, the characters are great, and I was only a bit disappointed in the story line as I wanted more in the ending. The sex scenes were fantastic and would rate it 4 hearts.

Justin, who is running away from his past and a crazed stalker, finds solace in renovating an old gothic church that is to become his new gallery. The church itself is fantastic and has stone gargoyles which during the renovation Justin find peace while talking to the stone creatures.

Cullen who is one of the stone gargoyles, and has been asleep for thousands of years and somehow they are awaken by Justin. Listening to Justin talk about his life and what is going on in the world leads Cullen and the other gargoyles feel the need to protect him. Cullen of course feels more than that. Only the Gargoyles cannot protect Justin during the day as they always revert back to stone. Will Cullen be able to protect Justin now that the stalker has found him? How can Justin and Cullen build on this relationship knowing Cullen will be stone during the day hours? You must go read to find out.

This is great paranormal romance novel and I cannot wait to see what will happen next with all the other gargoyles. Sui Lynn is a fantastic author, even though I wanted more from the ending doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great romance novel. I have rated it a four hearts. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves to read m/m fantasy/paranormal stories. Did I mention the sex scenes we great. Fantastic writing!

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