Abstract Realism - Edward Kendrick Title: Abstract Realism
Author: Edward Kendrick
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Reviewed by: Tana
Genre: m/m romance/suspense
ISBN 13: 9781920502515
Rating: 4. Hearts

Abstract Realism by Edward Kendrick

Edward Kendrick has written a short novella called Abstract Realism, it is well written, the plot and character description’s are good the story flows so well you don’t stop reading till you reach the end.

Abstract Realism is a story of a man named Tonio who was brutally attacked one night and is living in fear. Tonio not only hides the scars from that horrible night but is in hiding himself. To scared to do much he has isolated himself from the rest of the world. When he starts to get calls he passes them off as telemarkers, but eventually he knows he is in danger again. Then we meet Jonam who Tonio met briefly before in the park but now finds out Tonio owns a security company and is going to do whatever it takes to keep Tonio safe.

This story is faced paced, with suspense, and romance the perfect combination. It is a must read and I have rated it a four stars. Edward Kendrick is a fantastic author and I will read anything he writes. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves to read about a man learning to deal with his past, fear and new love interest.

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