ReVamped - Ada Adams ReVamped ( Angel Creek #1)by Ada Adams

Ada Adams bring us a new and fresh look into the lives of vampires, it is refreshing, funny at times and well written. The words flowed easily, character descriptions were excellent, and you got to know each character well. All in all I would say this was an excellent read.

We are introduced to Dawn; she is the daughter of the President of the Vampires. In this novel Vampires are out and almost treated like we treat movie stars today. They are sought after, respected and envied by most, but of course there are some people who don’t feel the same way. Dawn is a Born vampire; Born vampires are special and have greater powers, being that both her parents are vampires. Dawn has trained her whole life and is a strong, independent young woman.

Dawn’s father sends her to a small town called Angel Creek to train a group of vampires who are going to become the town’s protectors. Dawn is so happy that her father finally trusts her enough to send her out on a mission and can’t wait to begin training. When Dawn arrives in town she gathers the vampires and realizes she is going to have to work very hard to get this group trained.

Here we are introduced to some new characters and all I will say is it almost appears that Dawn’s new group would fall under the category of the misfit vampires. Of course nothing goes smoothly for Dawn, a human is kidnapped, Dawn herself is almost taken and she realizes there is more going on in this small town of Angel Creek then appeared.

Dawn and her group of trainee’s work together to protect the town and find the girl and of course keep themselves safe at the same time. There is also some romance lurking in this story for Dawn we meet Ethan who is human and Sebastian who is a vampire with many secrets. Both of course are extremely good looking and Dawn who has never even been kissed doesn’t always know how to act around these two.

ReVamped is a great addition to the YA Paranormal genre, I have rated it a 4 out 5 and would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys reading about vampires. Ada Adam has brought us a new and fresh series for us to follow and I cannot wait to read the next book in this series.