The Last Girl - Kitty Thomas The Last Girl by Kitty Thomas

This is the first book I’ve read written by Kitty Thomas, her writing is fantastic, her words flowed smoothly, and the plot and character descriptions are well written. Kitty is one fantastic author and gives us a unique dark erotic story.

This story is about Juliette and Christian, Christian is an 800 year old vampire and has waiting 6 years for Juliette to turn of age so he could take her and make her his. It is told in Juliette point of view which I found it easy to read and understand how Juliette was feeling throughout the story. Sometimes it was heart wrenching this is a dark story which contains group sexual activity, sadomasochism, same sex/blood play/oral and anal play and is not for anyone who doesn’t enjoy reading the dark erotica/bdsm genre.

I will say that there is more to this story then just bdsm/erotica you end up feeling for Christian and Juliette sometime you can even see past the master Christian. And of course you feel so much for Juliette and the situation she is in.

I would recommend The Last Girl to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance with dark erotica.