Katie's Hellion - Lizzy Ford Katie's Hellion (Rhyn Trilogy #1)

This is the first book I've read by Lizzy Ford, I must say I really enjoyed her writing and this series has left me wanting to go read all of her books.

I will admit and many have said the first part of the book is abit slow and wordy if that makes sense, I even wanted to put it down a few times, but don't do that.....once you get past the first few chapters it flows extremely well.

We meet Katie who is having a day from hell, you know when you have those days you just wished you stayed in bed. Well Katie runs into problems every where she turns.

Katie's character is great and I loved how determined and witty she is. When she finds herself in prison (in hell) we are introduced to Rhyn, and finds out she is his mate. Rhyn is from an Ancient family and like her the black sheep in his family. Can they work together, can she trust him? Will they get the revenge they both desire.

This is a must read, I love Lizzy's writing, I am off to read Katie's Hope (Rhyn Trilogy, #2).

I recommend this book to anyone who is reading my review.