Beginnings: Prequel to The Guardians of Vesturon - A.M. Hargrove Beginnings, Prequel to the Guardians of Vesturon by A.M. Hargrove

This is a fantastic prequel to the Guardians of Vesturon series. A.M Hargrove gives us a look into how Rayn Yarrister, the first-born son and Leader of The Guardians parents met and fell in love.

Rowan see's Annalise working in the cafeteria and notice how beautiful she is, Rowan couldn't stop thinking about Annalise and knows he has to have her.

Knowing that he is the first born and is to become the leader of Vesturon he would not be permitted to mate below his station.

Annalise was from the working class family and she was beyond beautiful. This is a love story and how it doesn't matter who you are or even who you love when you find the right person you will do anything in your power to be with the one you love.

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