Bloody Valentine - Lucy Swing Lucy Swing has written a short story in this anthology called Bloody Valentine. Her writing is excellent the story flowed so well that before I knew it I was on the last page. I was a little disappointed at the end but it was only because I wanted more.

This short story is about a young woman name b that has been having horrible nightmares. She is not sure what is going on but her dreams are so vivid it’s like she is seeing things that haven’t happened yet. When girls start to go missing and she knows something is wrong, she recalls her dreams and just knows there is a connection. When her best friends goes missing b heads out to search for her taking clues from her dreams. B doesn’t realize she is walking straight into a trap; she soon finds out that she trusted the wrong person and the one person who she was afraid of was the one who wanted to protect her all along.

This is a great short story, and Lucy Swing’s story telling is excellent. I definitely will go check out her other books.