The Progeny - Ashlynne Laynne The Progeny by Asslynne Laynne

Asslynee Laynne brings us a fantastic paranormal love story, her writing is good, I really enjoyed this novel and I hope there is more to come in the future. The character descriptions were done well and her words flowed easily giving the reader enough information to understand what is going on in the story. Asslynne has written two great characters in Ascher and Shauna and you feel for them throughout this story. There are some small grammatical errors but I tend to skim right by them as they weren’t enough to make be dislike this book.

Ascher Rousseau is half human, half vampire, all his life he feels out of place and not sure why he exists. Being a hybrid he feels like he doesn’t belong to any group; humans or vampires. Ascher can walk in the sunlight making him very different from the other vampires and as far as humans go they have no idea what he is.
Shauna is half human, half Wiccan who works in Ascher brother’s bar she is beautiful and she sure peaks his interest. Things start to change for Asher he knows he should stay away from her but he can’t seem to help himself he wants Shauna to be his.

Then we meet Ursula, the woman Ascher has been arranged to marry, knowing he has found his true mate in Shauna he must fight to keep her safe. But with Ursula out there knowing his secrets can he really protect Shauna. You must read to find out more.

I really enjoyed Asslynne Laynne book and she has written an explosive love story I cannot wait to read the next book in this series and please tell me it won’t be that long.

I have rated this novel 3.5 stars and would clearly give it 4 if the grammatical errors were fixed. Overall though I enjoyed it and would recommend The Progeny to anyone who loves to read paranormal love stories.