My Fairytale Life (Vampire Hunter Series, #1) - Heather M. White My Fairytale Life (The Vampire Hunter Series #1) by Heather M. White

My Fairytale Life is a paranormal romance novel with tons of twist and turns, the story is well written fast paced and once you pick up this book you won’t want to put it down. Heather M. White writing is easy to read, words flowed well and the character development is excellent. I enjoyed all the character’s and cannot wait to read book 2 in this series.

We are first introduced to Jadyn when they are driving up to their new home in Miami, Jadyn and her father are now ex-vampire hunters. Her dad has decided that Jadyn needs to live a normal life as a 17 year old girl and attend her senior year of high school. Jadyn who doesn’t want to attend high school never mind living a normal life, she can’t’ for the life of her figure out why her dad wants to quit hunting vampires. Jadyn’s mom and brother were killed by vampires and hunting them is the only life she knows.

During her first day of school Jayden meets Jermey an arrogant 6 foot tall cute boy who pushes Jadyn’s buttons right from the start. Going to class and staying away from her classmates seems to be easy tasks until she comes across a few cheerleaders bullying another girl. Of course she steps in and save’s Erica, who turns out to be a great friend to Jadyn and I ended up really liking her character and hope we see more of her. As the days passes she also meets up with another boy who she is instantly attracted to. Beau is handsome and kind and has a mysterious quality about him and Jayden can’t stop thinking about him.

Throughout this story we see friendships being develped, a love triangle is created as Jayden cannot stop thinking about Jeremy but still feels something for Beau. Of course that is not all that happens many secrets are revealed and kept from her dad, realizing she may never lead the normal life he so wishes for her. To make matters worse the new girl in school named Tabitha is a vampire and is out for Jayden’s blood. Jayden learns that her and her dad killed Tabitha’s family and Tabitha is going to seek revenge.

My Fairytale life is a fantastic read, I have rated it 4.5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who loves to read paranormal romance novels.

The ending has a cliff-hanger and omg I hope Heather is writing fast as I really need to know what is going to happen next. Go purchase this book, it is one of the better YA Paranormal novel I have read to date.