Shadow Eyes - Dusty Crabtree Shadow Eyes by Dusty Crabtree

Dusty Crabtree is a new and upcoming author, I was thrilled to read and review her novel Shadow Eyes. The cover, concept and the book description pulled me in and I knew I had to read this. Dusty’s writing is easy to read and her words flowed seamlessly, I truly enjoyed this novel and Dusty’s writing technique. I actually had a few books to read ahead of this book but my mistake was picking it up and taking a look through it, which then caused me not to put it down. The character descriptions are done well I found you really got to know the main characters which help you connect and feel for Iris. The plot is good and like I said it had me to where I couldn’t put the book down as I wanted to know what was going to happen. You know when your reading a book and you want to peak at the end so you have all the answers, that is what this novel was like for me.

We are introduced to Iris who is living with a deep dark secret; through her eyes she can see shadows, dark lingering scary shadows. These shadows seem to loom around certain people who she suspects are up to no good. Iris does everything she can to stay clear of the shadows, when too close she can feel the evil soaking through her skin. Her ability to see these shadows started after an incident she had at the age of 14, now 3 years later she still tries not to think of what happened to her. The suspense and understanding all gets unfolded gradually and the author keeps us wondering what is going on. Once in awhile in the distance Iris comes across a bright white light and knows this is goodness at work. Iris makes a few new friends and her new teacher seems to make her feel very safe and comfortable. Romance blossoms for Iris and she starts to feel like she is actually living her life fully. Then she meets another young boy and he stirs feelings inside her like no other has. This book just kept getting better and worse all at the same time. Worse only because I really wanted to know what was going to happen. So many times I was considering reading the ending.

I gave Shadow Eyes 4 stars; all I can truly say without giving away any spoilers is you must read this book. Shadow Eyes was a great read and I was so glad to find out what in the world was going on, the suspense almost killed me and I struggled not reading the end.

I will recommend this book to all my friends and I look forward to reading anything Dusty Crabtree writes.

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