The Iron Maiden ( The Dragonslayer Series #2 ) - Resa Nelson
The Iron Maiden by Resa Nelson

This book is part 2 of the Dragonslayers Sword. I found this novel a lot easier to read and felt like the words flowed easier for some reason. And it could be that I understood the world Astrid lived in which made things easier for myself to understand. You should not read this book if you haven’t read The Dragonslayer’s Sword.

In book two Astrid end up on another journey looking for the starlight the first dragonslayer’s sword, along her travels she meets many different characters and she learns more about herself and others. This book also tackles the issues of strong women in different societies and we get to hear different stories and points of views. I tell you that Resa Nelson is a fantastic author and her writing is only getting better. At one point we even get to find out a bit more about the dragons and here their point of view. I can’t say enough about this series beside read it.

I've rated this 4 stars as I think Resa Nelson is one great author and 2 this story is so different from fantasy novels I have read recently. You can tell from reading book two that this series is only going to get better.