Mr. Forever - Sara  Daniel Mr. Forever – by Sara Daniels

This is the first book I’ve read by Sara Daniels, she has an easy to read writing style the character development was great you could almost picture these people in your minds. This novel is romance fiction with a twist of humour.

We are first introduced to Caleb, marriage counsellor and creator of Mr. Forever. His beliefs are that you can create the perfect marriage by following his simple steps. Caleb grew up with a mother who remarried a few times and spent more time on herself then her children. This was the catalyst for Caleb and he knew he would never do the things his mother did to her children. Caleb’s idea and strategies are put to the test when a woman announces he is the father of son from a one night stand. Caleb knows what he has to do and heads out to find his infant son. What he comes upon is a woman named Olivia the owner of a small bed and breakfast and the caregiver of his son. Olivia who loves Caleb’s son and is trying to figure a way she can keep the baby, Olivia is heartbroken when she realizes what Caleb’s plans are. Olivia herself is a single mother and her own son who is dealing with his own issues around not seeing his father enough. Olivia’s views on the Mr. Forever program are not what Caleb would expect she believes it a big part of what ended her marriage. There are many twists and turns in the novel I was never really sure what was going to happen and who would end up with whom, but it kept me intrigued as I love a happy ending or will there be was my question.

Sara Daniels writing was great and I definitely would read anything else she has written. This book was fantastic and I would recommend to anyone who enjoys romance novels.