Shifting Hearts - Dominique Eastwick Shifting Hearts (Wiccan Haus, #1) by Dominique Eastwick

Shifting Hearts is a beautifully written short novella that does not disappoint, this story is written with ease and has you hooked in the first few pages. Dominique Eastwick gives you just enough information on the two main characters while introducing the reader to a wide range of other character that I am hoping we see in the future with their own stories.

This is a paranormal romance with some heat attached to it, Rekkus is a shapeshifter he is strong, protective, loyal and the last of his kind. Dana who instead of saying I Do said I Don’t is in desperate need of regrouping and relaxation. Dana and her best friend decide to go spend their holidays (ex-honeymoon) at the Wiccan Haus. When Rekkus and Dana meet you can almost feel the heat between the two of them, Rekkus knows that Dana is his mate and tries to stay clear of her but the fates have other plans for these two.

Shifting Hearts is a great read and I am defiantly a fan of Dominique Eastwick as of today. I have rated this novel 4 out 5 and will say that it is a great beginning to a new series and I cannot wait to read more.