Masquerade - Cambria Hebert Masquerade by Cambria Hebert

Masquerade is a YA Paranormal novel full of mystery, suspense and romance; it is what I would call a page turner as I found I couldn’t put the book down. This novel is written extremely well I loved how the author wrote the different points of views so we had a better understand of each character. Cambria words flowed so well you got caught up in the story like you were a part of it. I really enjoyed her writing style and will read anything she has written. Every story needs a little romance and Cambria writing made us fall in love with Sam and Heven.

Masquerade is about a young woman named Heven, one night on her way home she is attacked and left with a horrible scar on her left side of her face. She has no memory of what happened or who could of did this to her. She even began to wonder if she somehow did this to herself. Heven has withdrawn from her life hiding herself just as much as she hides the left side of her face. She wears baggy clothes, hooded sweatshirts, hoping never to draw attention to herself. Heven still lives in fear always looking in the shadows to see if anyone is there. Things are about to change for Heven when she sees the new boy walk in to her class. Here we meet Sam, her attraction to him is immediate and you can tell he feels the same. Heven doesn’t understand how he can look at her but Sam see’s past the scars and sees her inner beauty or so we think. As we get to know Sam better we see how loyal he is and he will do anything to protect Heven. But there are secrets and we know something else is going on and you begin to wonder who Sam is, and should Heven trust him to keep her safe?

This is a great novel, twist, turns some fantastic fight scenes you absolutely fall in love with Heven and Sam. There is so much more to this story all I can say is you have to read Masquerade. I cannot say enough about Cambria Herbert writing besides it is fantastic and I will buy anything she writes.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the paranormal genre.

Before by Cambria Herbert

I was given this short prequel and will say again that it is well written it made you want to start Masquerade as soon as you hit the last page. It was nice to get a glimpse of Heven’s life before Masquerade and finding out a bit about more about Sam. Fantastic read.