Break Away - Tatiana Vila Break Away (Away #1) by Tatiana Vila

Tatiana Vila writing is good her words flowed well and I found it pretty easy to read. The character descriptions in this book were good and you really got to know everyone in the story. The humour was excellent and I laughed at the Dafne’s sarcasm.

Dafne the main character in this story is known as the Ice Queen to everyone in town and most people stay far away from her as she does have a temper. Losing both of her parents has hardened Dafne and there is no one she cares in this world more than her twin sister Buffy. Now Buffy’s boyfriend is another story; Ian loves to push Dafne’s buttons and they spend all their time arguing and I think right here you know there is something more going on here. During school Dafne notices changes in her classmates, they seem to be walking around in a trance like state and their eyes are glazed over. Now people are falling into comas and not till Buffy is affect by this does Dafne know in her gut that something is not right. Dafne and Ian will team up to figure out what is happening to everyone and how can an unknown virus be the cause of this.

Dafne has to use all her inner strength to fight this battle and knows she has to open herself up. And we do get to see Dafne become a better person.

The paranormal part of this book is unique and I did enjoy it the idea behind it. I rated the book 3 stars because I did enjoy parts of the story and I may continue on with the next book in this series just to catch up with Dafne and Ian.