Fractured (Mirrorland, #1) - Majanka Verstraete Mirror Mirror – by Majanka Verstraete

Majanka Verstraete has written a YA Paranormal novel that is quite enjoyable and quite shocking in the end. Her writing style is good her words flowed well and I didn’t have any difficulty reading this novel. I noticed a few errors but recently discovered that English is not the author’s first language but I wouldn’t say that this was a big issue either. I really got into this story the more I read the more intrigued I was to find out what was going to happen. Majanka Verstraete has given us a different type of paranormal read and it was a nice change from vampires, werewolves and angels.

Mirror Mirror’s main character is Piper a young woman who is still struggling with the loss of her father and trying to deal with her mother who has just moved them into an older home. Her mother is an antique dealer and loves to buy older homes to refurbish; once she is finished she sells the house and buys another. Piper has lived in so many houses she yearns for the stability of living in one house she could call home. During a cleaning and digging around in the attic with her mom, Piper finds an old antique mirror it’s beautiful, and Piper decides to clean it up and hang it on her bedroom wall.

This is where strange things start to happen, dreams, dark shadows, hearing voices even Alison who is Piper’s best friend tell her she has a bad feeling around this mirror and that maybe she should get rid of it. Piper ignores most of these warnings she can’t help but feel like her father is close by. With all the strange things that continue to happen Piper decides that she should look into the history of her mirror and maybe get some answers. In Pipers quest for information she meets up with a young woman who can see ghosts, an older woman who declares she is a witch and she even has a conversation with a dead woman herself.

On top of everything that is going on in Pipers life her best friend Alison is having boyfriend problems and for some reason every time she turns around Joey, Alison boyfriend seems to show up where Piper is. Feeling disloyal she pushes him away every chance she gets. Now Alison has stopped taking her calls, Joey seems to come to Pipers rescue and Piper is really concerned that she may have feelings towards Joey.

This is just the highlights of the book I can't give away any more details without causes myself to write spoilers, just go read the book the ending is so shocking that I am hoping the author has considered writing another book around her novel Mirror Mirror. I definitely would purchase it.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys the paranormal genre.