The Reluctant (Crayder Chronicles #1) - C.S. Splitter Title: The Reluctant (Crayder Chronicles #1)
Author: C.S. Splitter
Genre: Action/Suspense/Thriller

This is another first time author for me C.S. Splitter writing is first rate, the character descriptions were nicely done and his word flowed smoothly. The plot was easy to follow and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the book. C.S. Splitter next book in this series is The Willing:, and I am definitely going to purchase it so I can see what happens next in the (Crayder Chronicles #2) .

Tom Crayder is a happily married man, son in college, wife’s works hard to help make ends meet you would say the all American family. To keep up with the payments on the house, bills and his plane Tom takes on small jobs from the head of the local biker’s gang. Tom and Jake have a deal that he will delivery small packages and sometimes people but never drugs, Tom doesn’t ask and Jake doesn’t tell what’s in the packages or who the people are. This relationship works out well for both of them and Tom is paid for his time. Tom is a calm and relatively reliable man and gets along with everyone he appears to be a mans man. As a hobby or stress reliever Tom sometimes heads over to the gun range and practices shooting, there he meets a woman who he in visions taking to a hotel for you all a quick romp in the hay let’s say. But nothing ever turns out the way Tom expects or even imagines in his head. This story is full of suspense, murder, and truly some funny situations that somehow Tom seems to think fast and work calmly through.

Now for the reason I thought this wasn’t my type of book is because it all done from the POV of the main character Tom Crayder so to say it’s written with a man’s perspective is true but it worked out well and I actually enjoyed it more then I imagined. Once I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down. I will follow C.S Splitters writing and try to keep up with this series. It was truly a good book and I would recommend it to anyone who likes suspense, murder, mystery, and a bit of a laugh. It is quite a fascinating how Tom ends up in these situations and how he seems to work calmly and think fast through it all.