First Date - Krista McGee First Date by Krista McGee

First Date is a YA Romance novel written by Krista McGee; Krista has done an amazing job at telling this story and keeping the readers emotionally involved. I feel a bit guilty for thinking in the beginning that I may not enjoy this book because it was Christian based novel. But don’t make that mistake this book is a good YA romance novel. It is full of romance, drama and Krista’s writing brings out true emotions in you, I laughed and at times was truly mad that there are so many shallow people in the world today. But like any good romance novel we are happy with the outcome of this story.

Addy has just been told that she is going to be on a reality TV show called “First Date” where the winner gets to attend the prom with the President’s son. Addy cannot for the life of her figure out why her principal and her uncle agree with each other that this would be great experience for her and the school if she won. The first time she meet Jonathon she blurts out she doesn’t want to be there, if anything this intrigues Jonathon more. Struggling with her faith, she experiences firsthand what it is like to be bullied by the other contestants and even the producer of the show. Knowing people are counting on her Addie prays that she pull this off. Meanwhile she feels an attraction to Jonathon and finds herself wanting to maybe stick around for a bit.

First Date is a fast light read and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys YA Romance novels. It is funny, romantic and I definitely will be reading Krista next book in this series Starring Me.