Airel (The Airel Saga, #1) - Aaron Patterson,  Chris  White Airel (The Airel Saga, #1)
by Aaron (Goodreads Author), Chris White

This is the first book I’ve read by Aaron Patterson and/or Chris White, the book is written well considering there were two authors and two plots running at the same time. The writing skills of both of the authors are quite good and the descriptions of both plots flowed well together. Having said that I was at first a bit thrown that there were two stories running at the same time, but it worked out and it never became a problem for me to keep up with both stories. I kept trying to figure out how these two stories were going to mingle together and in the end it works out great. This novel is a YA Fantasy, with romance, mystery, twists and turns, heart ache moments and you get swept into both stores. It definitely is a good read.

Airel is a normal teenage girl who is a bit shy has some close friends and a good family. Life seems pretty good overall. During school she sees the new boy Michael and she feels instantly attracted to him she can’t keep her eyes off him. From here things begin to change, the author keep us in suspense around Michael and we have no idea what is going to happen with his character. As for Airel things are changing for her, her skin is flawless, her cuts are healing she begins to hear things in her head. Finding out about her history and an ancient family and warriors she knows her life is about to change and it’s hard to imagine all this is true. Can she come to terms with this?

The second story takes place around 1250 B.C. here we are introduced to Kreios, a fallen angel; his wife has just given birth to their daughter and then she passes way. Kreios knows that his daughter will not survive if he doesn’t find help; he will do anything to keep her safe. The Seer who has been after Kreios and his family has people looking for him and he knows he will have to fight to protect and save his daughter. This side story is quite interesting.

Over all this story is good, I think the only downfall is that in the beginning of the book it felt very slow moving and I put it down a few times, but I kept picking it back up and it did pay off especially in Parts 3 and 4, and these pages are written extremely well. I am pretty sure I will read the next book .