Darwin's Children (Darwin's Children, #1) - Natasha Larry Darwin’s Children by Natasha Larry

This is another great book that I recently was given to read and review by Natasha Larry, I was hooked right in the beginning, and the author did a terrific job describing Jaycie’s emotions and the life she leads on a daily basis. You automatically feel for Jaycie and it keeps you turning the pages as you want to know more.

Jaycie has been homeschooled all her life but this year for some unknown reason her father decides to enrol her in a private school. Jaycie’s school life is hard she can feel emotions off her classmates and she has to keep barriers up so she doesn’t go out of her mind. On Jaycie’s first day of school she ended up freaking out hearing and feeling everyone’s emotions. So know besides feeling like an outcast’s she knows the mean girls at school thinks she is a freak. The only happiness Jaycie gets out of school is her art class where people actually talk to her. We also find out about Jaycie’s best friend Matt who attends public high school, and Jaycie still trying to figure out if Matt is just a friend or if she is in love with him.

Jaycie is a mind reader, empathy and telekinetic with enough strength to throw you across the room. Besides dealing with school she has to come home and train with her trainer/nanny Allison who is fast has super speed and strength. Her father is also a mind reader and the strongest one around, he can and does read Jaycie mind whenever he wants. Being a teenager is hard enough imagine what it would feel like knowing your father can hear what you are thinking. Especially when she spends so much of her time thinking of Matt and trying to figure out if he feels something towards her. On top of all Jaycie’s issues she knows that her powers are going to surge soon and she doesn’t know how this will affect her.

One day Jaycie is approached by a beautiful woman who later she finds out is a guardian, the guardian suggest to Jaycie that she should apply for a job at the Christians Book Store and befriend the young woman who works there named Haylee. Haylee is a sad withdrawn young woman who is dealing with an alcoholic mother who won’t find a job and she has some of her own deep dark secrets that she struggles with internally. Haylee has no idea that she has power inside of her.
As Jaycie and Haylee become friends and learn to trust each other, and help each other out they become like sisters. The two of them will then encounter evil, bad fairies and then go to the vampires for help.

This story intrigued me so much I didn’t stop reading it till I was at the end, the author created a story which leads us into a series called Darwin’s Children, which then of course I wanted to start the next book right away.

There is twist and turns and you cheer for Jaycie, Matt and Haylee, and hoping they all get their happy ending.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves YA paranormal. Now I will have to go read Unnatural Law, (Darwin’s Children book 2).