One Perfect Night - Rachael Johns This book from the beginning to the end is what I would say a true romance novel worth reading. The two main characters are both dealing with loss, pain and hurt, Cameron is dealing with the loss of his wife and is very scared to open up his heart again. Peppa has been dumped by her ex-fiancé who pretty much runs out and gets married to a co-worker instantly. If that wasn’t enough Peppa is also trying to deal with the loss of a baby finding out she may never be able to have children.

So first we meet Peppa, at her Christmas work party they find out the entertainment for the children has came down with food poisoning, so Pippa runs out and rents a fairy costume so they don’t have to cancel the children’s party. On her way back she swerves to miss a cat and ends up side swiping her new boss’s fancy car. This is where Cameron comes into the picture and while she fesses up to him about the accident he appears not too worried about this, with a sexy smile he offers her a deal; if she attends his family Christmas party that evening as his date he will call it even and she won’t have to pay for the damages. Peppa agrees.

I really enjoyed this book, it was funny, romantic and of course you fell in love with Peppa and only wanted the best for her. It is well written and the characters were great it kept me turning the pages to see what was going to happen next. If you love romance novels this is a book for you to read.