The Next Thing I Knew (Heavenly, #1) - John Corwin The Next Thing I Knew by John Corwin

This book starts off with the main character Lucy waking up and realizing that she is dead; it appears she is a ghost. She start to wonder around her house her neighbourhood meets up with a friend who also confirms that yes everyone is dead. The Apocalypse must have happened.

In her travels Lucy finds her friends, family members, neighbours and even the boy she has a crush on. With nothing to do, no time limits, no school, iPods, facebook etc. Lucy and her friends start to explore the realm they all appear to be on, but is it heaven or someplace in between? They can move around from their realm to earth to outer space they can pretty much do what they want. In all of their exploring they end up finding small things and realize they need to figure out what happened to cause everyone on earth to die. The story is filled with alien’s, ghosts, space travel, a deadly virus and of course a love story.

The Next Thing I Knew is well written and the author adds humour to make it even a better read, I would say this book is more of a YA Science Fiction then a YA Paranormal book. It is a great read and what I really liked about this book is that it was different something new and fresh. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this book, I can see how this story can lead into more books in this series and I can’t wait to see what John Corwin comes out with next.