The Key - Felicia Rogers The Key by Felicia Rogers

Felicia Rogers has created this book around a different type of paranormal creatures; there are no vampires or even werewolves in her story she introduces us readers to the world of the Gryphons.

This is a paranormal mystery/romance book and it’s a nice change to read a story about a different type of paranormal creature.

So we are introduced to Maddie a senior attending a new high school, with no friends not even a locker to store her books in. She rides her bike home every day with her books weighing her down just like her life. Her story is a sad one her parents died in a house fire, she has moved in with her great grandmother and she having horrible nightmares reliving the fire that took her parents life. She also starts to have strange dreams she has no idea why and what is going on in them. Maddie can barely have a full night of sleep due to her nightmares.

Just a typical day at school in walks two new boys Dougal who for some reason seems to just stare at her giving her chills down her back. The other new student is Chase Donovan who has the complete opposite effect on her, when they touch she feels electrical currents running up her arm.

The author tells us this story giving us different points of views and it works well, not to confusing the story flows right to the end of the book. We the readers get to see what Chase is seeing and feeling as well as what Dorian is up to.

Of course we fall for handsome Chase Donavon, who doesn’t love a handsome hero type figure and he is perfect for Maddie.

What can I say about this book without giving away too much besides read the book and hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I definitely recommend this book for reading.

Also want to thank Felicia Rogers for giving our group Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Fanatics copies of her book to review. And thanks to Kay for arranging this for all of us readers.