Once a Witch (Witch, #1) - Carolyn MacCullough I stumbled across Once a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough quite by accident, and have to say I am really quite shocked I hadn’t heard more about this series before this week. I immediately started reading this book and was swept away with the story of Tamsin.

Tamsin is from a family of powerful witches, the downside is Tamsin is talentless and I guess you could say because of this she feels that she is not a witch. Growing up and feeling empty and left out she goes to New York to attend school. There we meet her best friend Agatha and see the close relationship she has with her. In reading this story you feel strongly for Tamsin and can only imagine how it would feel to be so different from everyone in her family.

During a visit home, while she is working in her families store she meets a tall dark stranger who assumes she is her sister and asks for her help.

Tamsin decides she wants to prove to her family she can help this stranger, proving something to herself and her family even though she has no talent. This is where the story has some twist and turns and kept me reading till quite late at night.

This story has some funny moments, quirky aunt, handsome young man, a grandmother who doesn’t seem to answer her questions a sister who drives you crazy. Sound like a typical family LOL.

This is the beginning of a great series and would recommend the book to anyone who enjoys reading PNR/UF books.