Elemental: The First (Primord Series, #1) - Alexandra May What can I say first about this book well you know when you’re reading a good book and you don't stop till you reach the end, that's what this book was for me. And then you reach the end you and you want the next book right NOW. Searching you find that it’s not released yet and you curse under your breath. Well that's what happened when I finished this book. LOL

It is written well I really liked Alexandra May writing; it flowed and was easy to read. I will read anything she writes at this point.

I enjoyed all the characters, Daisy is not your typical grandmother, and she gives Rose freedom to make her own decisions and expects Rose to give her the same back.

This story has a drama, mystery and of course romance 2 handsome young men, both who Rose has some connection with.... So who does end up with humm guess we will have to see is it Morgan or will it be Aiden?

This series is going to be good; I hope Alexandra is writing fast so we can continue on with this exciting series.