Blind Items - Kate McMurray Drew is a journalist and is assigned a job to find out information on the son of an anti-gay Senator who is in the running for President.
Johnathon is the son of Richard Granger, Senator and Presidential candidate, who is deeply in the closet and the fear of what would happen if his father or the press finds out his secret.

This story is well written; I really liked both characters and how they were portrayed as intelligent sexy men. As the story develops Drew knows he won’t go back in the closet and Johnathon is still terrified to come out of his. I kept turning the pages to see what was going to happen, if you enjoy m/m romance novels this one is for you.

So the downfall to the story is the ending, there was no epilogue and it left me wanting to know how the father reacted how Drew and Johnathon are? I am seriously hoping for a sequel. And I definitely will buy it when it hits the shelves.