Shadows - Jennifer L. Armentrout Shadows (Lux # .5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Shadows in a short novella which fills in some blank spots about Daemons brother Dawson Black.

Since I’ve read Obsidian (Lux #1) first this story gave me some of the unanswered questions I had about the missing brother and what may have happened to them.

Even though this is a short story it is a great read, Dawson and Bethany are a great couple and I loved their story.

If you’re a fan of Jennifer L. Armentrout writing this is a must read.
Shadows is about Dawson and Bethany how they met, the feelings, the romance, the acceptance of each other and oh did I mention hot boy.

This short novel fills in some blank areas and you get to see how Dawson and Daemon are very different from each other but yet both swoon worthy. Best part is you get to read what happened to Dawson and Bethany and understand why they are not in Obsidian, the only question left is have they been taken by the DOD, are they dead? One can only hope they appear safe and sound…. This again is another must read!

Jennifer has out done herself with this short novel and I have rated it another 5 star rating as I absolutely love her writing and the Lux Series. I recommend it to all my friends and followers.