Master Class - Rachel Haimowitz TITLE: Master Class
AUTHOR: Rachel Hamowitz
Riptide Publishing
GENRE: M/M Romance, BDSM
RATING: 4 Stars
Heat Rating: 4 Stars

Rachel Hamowitz has written a terrific short novel, we are introduced to Nicky and Devon; Sub and Dom. Rachel’s writing is good and the scenes were hot, I never stopped reading till I reached the last page. The book has a few hot scenes and it is a page turner, I cannot wait to read SUBlime: Collected Shorts (Master Class, #2).

Nicky is an actor and a handsome one at that, he seems to have everything going for him, but Nicky knows deep down his desire to submit is the only way he will ever feel satisfied. One night out with friends Nicky meets Devon; a strong, powerful looking man, literally Nicky cannot take his eyes of him he can feel the dominance pouring off of Devon. Nicky escapes to the washroom to get himself under control and when he looks up who is standing there but Devon. Devon cannot take his eyes off Nicky either and see’s the desires and knows what Nicky needs. The force of attraction and desires between these two is off the page hot.

This is a story of two men coming together and letting go, can Nicky be the sub Devon deserves and can Nicky learn to trust and give control over completely to his Dom?

I was a bit disheartened at first reading this book as I don’t agree with violence and I thought some of it was a bit too much but Devon the Dom knew he had to break down Nicky’s control to give him what he really needed and knowing Nicky always had the choice to stop what was happening did make it a bit better.

Overall I have rated Master Class a 4 star rating and heat level 4. I would recommend this to any of my friends who enjoy m/m bdsm romance. ( note: there is some rough sex scenes)

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