Hold the Sky - A.C. Fox Hold the Sky by A.C. Fox

A.C. Fox has written a really great m/m romance novel, I really enjoyed A.C. writing the words flowed well and it was a very easy and comfortable book to read. I enjoyed the fact that A.C. wrote both characters points of view and we got a better understanding of how even a strong male who appears to have everything can be insecure about his feelings in this new relationship. Seeing both points of view only made me the reader feel more connected to the characters, excellent writing.

Harry is a young talented architect working for a firm in Chicago and trying very hard to be successful and make a name for himself. When he meets up with Garrett Reed who is tall handsome and arrogant man, Harry is taken aback on how attracted he is to him. So when Harry and Garrett are both competing for the same job Harry realizes he might be a bit out of his league as Garrett is a successful Architect and run his own company. Losing the contract to Garrett was hard but even harder is when Garrett approaches him for a date. Harry fights this at first and Garrett doesn’t give up, finally Harry agrees to one date and only because Garrett promises him he will leave him alone.

The friendship and romance that blossoms between these two men is fantastic and what we call a great romance in the works. Garrett being honest and doesn’t want any secrets mentions to Harry that they are both putting a proposal in for the same job. Harry feels like he really needs to win this job and prove to Garrett that he is an equal. Harry makes a really bad decision and things blow up in his face. Can Harry and Garrett put their hurts and professional life aside and show their true feelings for each other. Well you will have to read the book to find out the answers.

I have rated this book a 4 and probably would have went to a 4.5 if I could. I would like to say to the authors I could go for a sequel with these two characters if that is all possible. I will definitely recommend this novel to everyone who loves m/m romance novel.