Zane - Kimberly Lewis Zane (The McKades of Texas #1) by Kimberly Lewis

I received this book from Kimberly Lewis as I signed up for her blog tour through our group Making Connections. I knew I had to sign up as I loved Kimberly’s other novel When the Heart Falls. I enjoy Kimberly’s writing, Zane is well written and flows smoothly, it’s what I call my Sunday’s read. It has everything I enjoy in my romance novels i.e. hot sexy cowboys!

In this novel we meet Kellan Anderson who is on the run from her ex boyfriend trying to keep a low profile so her ex doesn’t find her she changes her name to Andi Ford hoping hiding in a small town will do the trick or as she calls it hillbilly hell.

When we meet Zane (hot cowboy) I previously mentioned…he knows Andi is not what she appears. Having his own issues Zane has no use for women especially ones that lie and he believes Andi is not telling the truth. So he sets up a plan to get to know Andi just so he can find out more about her. Of course what he does find out is how much he is attracted to her. Things don’t always go as planned.

But like any romance novel there has to be some conflict nothing is easy for Zane and Andi, but you will have to read the Zane to find out more.

I have rated Zane a 4 star rating, as it was a good, quick romance novel and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also cannot wait to read book 2 in this series and really hope it is about Zane’s brother Luke. So I recommend anyone who enjoys romance, cowboys and some fun character to go pick up a copy.