Her Heart for the Asking, a western romance (Book 1 - Texas Hearts) - Lisa Mondello Her Heart for the Asking by Lisa Mondello
Texas Hearts Book 1

This is the first book I’ve read written by Lisa Mondello and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed her writing, it is easy to read, character development was well written and the history and romance between Beau and Mandy was exciting.

Mandy is on her way to Texas to visit her Uncle Hank who is sick, hoping Mandy can convince him to have heart surgery. Mandy left Texas 8 years ago and has never returned after the man she loved choose the rodeo over her. Standing in the airport waiting for her uncle to pick her up in walks Beau. She cannot believe Beau is back in Texas and why would her uncle ask him to pick her up?
Beau who has been keeping a secret all these years knows this may be his last chance at winning back the only woman he ever loved.

This story has hot cowboy (one of my favorites), deep regrets, and true love and of course to make the story all that much better some added suspense and deep dark secrets.

I would recommend Her Heart for the Asking to anyone who loves to sit back and relax with their feet up reading a fantastic romance novel. This is the first book in The Texas Hearts series and will continue to keep track of this series and Lisa Mondello novels.

I have rated this novel 4 stars as I love well written romance novels. Lisa will definitely be added to my list of favorite authors.