Feeling This - Casey Blue Feeling This by Casey Blue

I received a free copy of Feeling This in exchange for an honest review.

Feeling This, we meet Jordan who is totally in love with his girlfriend, lately Jordan notices her moods and temper seem to be all over the place. He is a bit worried about her and approaches her dad to talk about getting her some help. Her dad brushes off Jordan’s concern and that same night tragedy strikes.

Jordan who has no idea what he is going to do know, leaves town to figure things out and find a new direction for his life. Jordan stumbles across a small town and just by chance gets a job on a farm. Figuring he will work hard and not have to think of anything he decides to stay for a while. Here we meet Kimber who is struggling in her home life, working two jobs, trying to go to school and take care of her sick mom.

So when Jordan and Kimber meet sparks fly and the attraction is immediate. But things don’t always go smoothly for them and they have their own past issues to deal with. When Jordan has to return home for his friend’s wedding he brings Kimber with him telling her he cannot do it on his own. Kimber see’s firsthand how different the two of them are but she tries to be there for him. Jordan makes a few mistakes here and Kimber ends up running back home. But the story doesn’t end there he returns to prove that he wants Kimber and knows he has to prove this to her and earn her trust.

Feeling This, starts off great you shed some tears, and really want only the best for Jordan. The new romance is sweet and romantic and has a few steamy scenes. This is one of those stories you want the happy ever after ending for both Jordan and Kimber.

I have rated Feeling this a 4 star rating. Anyone who enjoys romance novels and wants to read a new author this is the book for you.