Fire on Ice - Dakota Madison Fire On Ice by Dakota Madison

This is another first time author for me, Dakota Madison writing is good, her story flows well, plot and character held my interest and I definitely would read any other books that Dakota has written or will write.

We meet Taylor is appears to be a shy reserved young woman attending college, for one of her classes she is sitting in a bar studying (experiment to see how much a person can retain) anyway as she is reading in walks Kian.

Kian Kavanagh is a professional hockey player (oh who doesn’t love hot sexy hockey players) so as he is checking things out he spots Taylor. First he wonders why a pretty young girl is sitting in a bar reading a book. So he strolls over and tries to talk to Taylor.
Taylor has been hurt by a hockey player before and has sworn of all athletes and hockey players, but she gives in and lets Kian put his number in her cell phone.

This is a new adult romance novel, with a bit of suspense, full of romance, bad boy meeting nice girl with a small bit of hockey. I have to say it’s two of my favorite things. We know there is more to come by the ending so I cannot wait to find out what happen next. I have rated Fire on Ice a 3.5 star rating.