Racing to Love: Jesse's Soul (Racing to Love, #2) - Amy Gregory Racing to Love - Jesse's Soul by Amy Gregory

This is the second book I’ve read in the Racing to Love series, Amy Gregory has written another fantastic, heartwarming, and heart wrenching story in this series called Jesse’s Soul. The novel is well written, the story flows easily and it’s hard to put the book down as you get to know each of the characters. Another fantastic part to this story is we get to catch up with Molly and Carter from Racing to Love - Carter's Treasure it’s like visiting with old friends and finding out how they are doing.

Racing to Love – Jesse’s Soul is Emery and Jesse’s story, Jessie is a professional bike racer and we understand that he is hoping someday that he finds love like Molly and Carter. During the first few pages we find out that Jesse’s mechanic has had to leave the team due to family issues. This is quite upsetting to Jesse as his mechanic is the one responsible to keep his bikes in top shape.

In walks Emery Kincaid, his boss’s daughter who happens to be one of the best bike mechanics around. As we get to know Emery we see she is a fiery Irish woman who expects the shop to be run her way and expects the other mechanics and racers to follow her lead. She is hard on herself as she knows it much harder for women in this field and most men hate taking orders from a woman.

The attraction between Jesse and Emery unfolds and we get to see Jesse trying to convince Emery that she should take a chance on him and maybe someday trust him. Emery likes to keep things professional with her racers and is not sure she can trust a man with her heart again.

There is much more to this story, Emery has some secrets and Jesse begins to wonder if maybe there is something wrong with Emery health as she seems tired and exhausted at times. Jesse tries very hard to keep Emery on her toes about their mutual attraction to each other. ……But you will have to read Jesse’s Soul to find how the story goes.

This is a great romance novel, there is many heartfelt moments and at times you worry that Jesse and Emery may not get their happy ever after ending. So pick up a copy of Jesse’s Soul you will not be disappointed.

I have rated this novel a 4 star rating and I cannot wait to read the next book in Racing To love series. Amy Gregory has once proven she is one fantastic author and I really enjoy her writing.