Beneath The Skin - Amy Lee Burgess Beneath The Skin by Amy Lee Burgess

I have to say I am absolutely in love with this series. Amy Lee Burgess is a fantastic author. Her writing is great, she writes a female lead character that has gone through some horrible situations and you end up just wanting the best for her, I just loved her.

This is the first book in the series, and I read it in one afternoon, to be honest I read all 4 of her books in one weekend I couldn't stop reading them. I even emailed Amy to find out when the next book is coming out. OMG I have to wait till April I think she said LOL.

So this novel starts off with us meeting Constance Newcastle aka Stenzie, she seems to always find trouble or get into trouble. She has lost her bond mates in an accident and now she is a ceremony looking for a new bond mate. Meeting up with an old friend she thinks things are going to go her way and she won't end up being alone.

Well that is until he dies! Next thing you know Constance Newcastle is in trouble again and being accused of maybe causing his death.

To save or should I say help her in walks Liam Murphy, a man who doesn't want to bond or be in love, but Constance and Liam end up no choice but to bond.

Their relationship is a bit different and they end up becoming friends and of course a bit more. You just have to read to find out the rest.

Amy Lee Burgess has a total different spin on the wolves in this series and I loved it.

So if you like werewolves, and a great female lead character and some hot and sexy male werewolf’s you should add all Amy's books to your list to read. I would recommend this series to all my friends and followers.