Dark Waltz (Praestani, #1) - A.M. Hargrove Dark Waltz, a Praestani Novel (#1) by A.M. Hargrove

Dark Waltz is an adult science fiction novel and is the spinoff of the authors Guardians of Vesturon Series (YA Genre). Since I am a huge fan of A.M. Hargrove I was really excited about reading this book to see how she crossed over to the adult genre. I have to say her writing of course is fantastic, character are developed well that you immediately have an interested in what is going on and I have to say I sort of have a crush on Jurek, plus in my head I can picture him tall, dark, long hair, muscles and very sexy. I wonder if aliens would have tattoo’s …yummy!

So this novel is about Liasare who is searching for her brother and she meets up with Jurek and the chemistry between these two is off the chart hot. Their story is full of mystery; adventure a tad bit of suspense and of course a sizzling romance. But of course Liasare is here to find her brother and has an uphill battle to conquer. She has to dig deep to find the strength to overcome her new abilities and to continue on in her search for her brother.

A.M Hargrove has written a fantastic story and I for one will recommend this book to all of my friends and followers. I have given Dark Waltz a 5 star rating as the writing is great, the story flows well and I’m in love with all the characters she has introduced us readers too. I cannot wait for the next novel in this series to see what will happen next.