A Kiss for Emily (Emily Stokes Series) - J.P. Galuska A Kiss for Emily (Emily Stokes Series) by J.P. Galuska

A Kiss for Emily is a fantastic YA Paranormal Romance novel, J.P. Galuska has written a novel that is full of twists, mystery and of course romance. I loved all the different points of view from the other characters and it is very well written. I liked that A Kiss for Emily was a bit different and loved J.P. Galuska writing I of course went to look to see what else she has written as I thing J.P is one great author.

We meet Emily who’s biggest worry right now is Alex and how she can get her first kiss from him and how she can get him to ask her to prom. Her and Alex have been friends for a very long time, but Alex is dealing with his father suicide and is coping with this through drugs. Emily thinks that Alex is just not interested in her.

When Emily and her family move to the country, she has to move schools and leave everything she knows behind. To say Emily is not happy about this is an understatement. Alone, Emily spends time playing her guitar and wondering through the woods. One day Emily meets a young man named Sam. Her and Sam start spending a lot of time together and the more she gets to know him she feels there is something amiss as some of his stories don’t make sense.

Emily parents have to step in and she ends up in the hospital not quite sure if she is losing her mind, trying to figure out what is real. The doctors of course end up medicating Emily which is terrible and she is in really bad shape. Thank god her parents step in and take her home. I could go on and on but I don’t want to write to much more and give too much away. The ending of A Kiss for Emily is a fantastic and really makes you want the next book in this series.

I loved this story; A kiss for Emily is a great YA Paranormal Romance novel, I’ve rated it a 4 stars and definitely cannot wait for book 2, J.P. Galuska is now one of my favorite authors.
I recommend anyone who loves YA Paranormal Romance novels to go grab a copy for yourself, you will not be disappointed.