Eden-West - Janelle Stalder Eden – West by Janelle Stalder

Janelle Stalder has outdone herself in the sequel to Eden, Janelle’s writing is fantastic and Eden-West will not disappoint anyone who is reading this series. When I picked up Eden-West, I found I couldn’t stop reading it till I reached the very end. It’s an outstanding read!

Aiden once again is back in Eden, though he is not with his friends from Eden, we are introduced to some new characters but of course we do get to see our favorites Elisa, Logan and Wolf. Eden-West is filled with suspense, mystery, action and romance. I really enjoyed how the story is written, and how you get to see what everyone is doing, even though they are not all together. It really shows us readers how excellent Janelle’s writing capabilities are, she out did herself and I loved Eden-West. You the reader gets to experience what is going on with our favorite as its told in their point of view and it is superb story telling.

I have rated Eden-West 5 star rating, the writing; the plot and all the character are written excellent that this book deserves no less then top ratings. I would recommend anyone reading this to go purchase Eden and Eden-West.