Sweetness (Bold As Love, #1) - Lindsay Paige Lindsay Paige has written a terrific young adult romance novel, the characters are well developed and the storyline is excellent and Lindsay Paige is on her way to be one fantastic author.

This is a story of two young adults Emily and Jake, Emily is quite and hardly say’s a word to anyone, she can’t even bring herself to look people in the eye. Emily has suffered and has very low self esteem due to abuse from her mother. Jake is good looking, play’s hockey and takes care of his little brother. He has become a parent way to early but knows his father is still grieving the loss of his wife. In class Jake and Emily are assigned partners for a class project. Jake figures this is a perfect way to get to know Emily and help bring her out of her shell. When Jake and Drake go over to Emily’s to work on their project Jake cannot get over the how different Emily is when talking to Drake. Drake and Emily instantly form a friendship....Jake sees her smile and laugh for the very first time, he even is a bit envious of his little brother.

Jake and Emily continue to work on their friendship and realize they both have feeling for each other but nothing is easy and face a few struggles...can they trust each other and be there for one another?

This is a fantastic read, even though is a fast read, the author brings to light some very important topics, you fall in love with Emily, Jake and especially little brother Drake.

This is an excellent story and I would recommend anyone who loves YA Romance Novels you I suggest you purchase this entire series.