Off Limits - Renee Pace Off Limits by Renee Pace

This is the first book I’ve read written by Renee Pace, I have to say I really enjoyed her writing; I picked up this book and never put it down. Renee’s writing is suburb, her character descriptions and plot are written well and words flowed easily. Before I knew it I was at the end of the story. I really enjoyed Off Limits even though it talks about some hard topics. I have to say that I felt for the two main characters and I was pulling for their friendship. Excellent writing.

This is a story of two young women from different backgrounds who end up working together on a school project and start to build a friendship. Even though they both don’t want one, they trust no one. Keeping secrets from everyone is how they both like it.

Lindsey is beautiful and rich and has everything she wants, but her home life is horrific, mom is out all the time working, leaving Lindsey at home alone with her stepfather. Lindsey does everything she can do not to be alone with him, even inviting friends over to spend the night. One evening when none of her friends can sleep over she ends up inviting over Megan.

Megan lives at home with her mother who has MS, and they are struggling, Megan has to go to the food banks, works part-time and has to keep her grades up to stay in the private school she is attending. She has a deep dark secret that she has only told one person, her brother. Her brother who was high one night ended up bringing home a dangerous friend and left Megan in a very unsafe situation.

These two girls cross paths many times and we can see they both are forming a friendship even though they trust no one. Can they become friends and help each other recover from their pasts?

This is a great story, a must read. I have rated it a 4 stars and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading Ya novels.