Silver Knight - Caron Rider Silver Knight by Caron Rider

Caron Rider has given us a unique story about a young woman who been reincarnated. Silver Knight is well written, the plot and character description are excellent. This story is fast paced, full of mystery, demons, warriors and of course reincarnation. All of this combined gives us one fascinating story. I really enjoyed Caron Rider writing and cannot wait to read book 2 in this series.

Silver Knight is about a young woman named Diana who experiences nightmares of herself being killed many times over; each dream leaves her with more details around what has happened. We are introduced to Alexander in her dreams where he is the one killing her, conflicted Diana can tell she is in love with this man and senses at times he loves her just as much.

One evening Diana and her friends are watching a YouTube video and she recognizes the man in the video from her dreams. In this video he is calling all the warriors to come together. Everything starts to click for Diana at this point and she realizes her dreams may have some truth to them. Contacting the man in the video Diana and her friends head off to Rome making a pit stop in New York. Here we are introduced to other characters and this story just gets more fascinating. We learn Diana is a warrior, and Alexander a demon. Present time when Alex and Diana meet up he does inform Diana that he doesn’t’ want to kill her anymore…..All I can say you must go read and see for yourself.

The relationship between Diana and Alexander is fantastic and Caron Rider has done a terrific job writing this unique story around reincarnation, demons and warriors. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series to see where it leads us to next.

I would recommend to any of my friends who enjoy reading YA Paranormal novels. I will definitely be reading Silver Demon (book 2) when it’s released later in the year.