The Willing (Crayder Chronicles #2) - C.S. Splitter Title: The Willing (Crayder Chronicles #2)
Author: C.S. Splitter
Genre: Action/Suspense/Thriller

The Willing is the second novel in the Crayder Chronicles; C.S. Splitter sense of humor and writing style is fabulous the humor is so funny it truly made me laugh out loud. This story is fast paced, full of action and has the right amount of suspense to make this novel a great read, I definitely will continue to follow this series. C.S. Splitter has written a story of a man who loves airplanes, guns, talking, telling dirty jokes and yet I still ended up liking Tom Crayder.

In The Willing Tom is has to step up and defend his wife who has accidently pissed the drug cartel off, here we get to see the love Tom has for his wife and I even got passed the issue of him thinking about fooling around on her in the first book. Tom and his friends step up to help him protect his family, we get to see Lorena who is funny, sarcastic and I for one would call upon her if I was ever in trouble. Tiny returns in this novel and I just loved his character. One of the best characters who is back is Tom’s dog, Sammy I can almost picture him giving Tom a hard time with his overbite showing haha. This is a must read!

The Willing is an absolute fantastic read, I have rated it a 4.5 and would recommend this series to anyone who loves a fast paced adventure/suspense novel filled with a dash of humor.