Friends Share (Jimmy's Erotic Adventures, #1) - Desiree Cummings Friends Share (Jimmy's Erotic Adventures #1)

This is the first book by Desiree Cummings the story is unique we meet Jimmy who is a normal everyday nice guy that appears to get taken advantage of by his male friends and the girls in his life. Jimmy is what some would call a nerd, girls are nice to him so he will do there homework.

One evening Jimmy is playing lookout for his friend so he can make out with a girl, Jimmy bored still starts wondering around the empty house and he see's glowing red eyes in the corner, a man steps out from the corner and hands Jimmy a necklace with a locket on it.

He then tells Jimmy that he has been choosen to help him to find the strangers mate. The stanger begins to explains to Jimmy how the locket works, telling Jimmy he has to arouse women and see what colour the locket changes to, when the locket turns blue he is to bring that woman back to him as this is his mate. Jimmy doesn't really understand the situation but at this point doesn't say no to the idea.

Friends Share is exactly like the title say Jimmy erotic adventures.

I would say it was light erotica at this point but it could change in the next book.

I would classify these books as erotica/science fiction.

The story is unique, but if you like your erotica short and fast this is a book for you.