Mind Over Matter (ASI, #1) - S.J. Clarke Mind Over Matter is a story about a woman named Rebecca McKenney , we find out fast that Rebecca is grieving the loss of her daughter Sabrina who was abducted 3 years ago and is still missing. She knows people in her small town think she should admit defeat and come to the realization that Sabrina is most likely dead, Rebecca knows her daughter is alive.

Having breakfast at a local restaurant one morning she sees a picture on a milk carton of a missing girl seeing this is a catalyst that brings on two very strong and fast visions one after another. First she sees the young girl on the milk carton alive; her second vision is her daughter 3 years older. Here we find out this is not the first time Rebecca has had visions.

This leads her to looking up the agent who worked her case 3 years ago. Finding out he has left FBI she tracks him down to his own firm called Anderson Securities. Agent Dan Cooper feels guilty as he knows he made a very grave mistake early on in his investigation, he understands the helplessness Rebecca feels. He agrees and he does warn Rebecca that he doesn’t believe in her visions he thinks it more or less stress related. This novel is what I would classify as a mystery, suspense, paranormal and romance all wrapped up in one very good book.

I found myself drawn to this story as you want to know more turning each page the suspense, secrets, lies, cover up, the townspeople, her ex-husband who isn’t who he said he is, even her close friend.

This is the first book in the Anderson Securities and it’s the first book written by S.J. Clarke. I will say I cannot wait to see what happens in this series and I definitely will buy book two.